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SOFT SHELL HELMETS  are mandatory in order to play!

A softshell helmet is important in 7-on-7 football because it provides a level of protection while also allowing for a high level of mobility. 7-on-7 football is a non-contact version of the sport that is typically played in a more controlled environment, with a focus on passing and receiving. As there is no tackling, players are at a lower risk of head injury than in traditional football, but there is still a risk of collisions and head-to-head contact.

A softshell helmet is designed to provide a level of protection from these types of impacts. The helmet is typically made from a lightweight, flexible material that is able to absorb and distribute the energy from an impact. This helps to reduce the risk of injury to the head and brain. Additionally, the softshell design of the helmet allows for a high level of mobility, which is important for 7-on-7 football as players need to be able to move quickly and change direction frequently.

Another important aspect of the softshell helmet is its breathability, which is important for indoor and outdoor games, where players are playing in a variety of environments. The softshell helmet allows for air to flow through, which helps to keep the player cool and comfortable during the game.

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