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Why Threadin' Needle?

1) Skill development: Allows players to focus on specific skills such as passing, catching, and route-running, which can help them improve their overall game.

2) Increased participation: With only seven players on the field, more kids can participate in the game at once, providing more opportunities for kids to get involved in the sport.

Less physical
contact: Less physically demanding than traditional 11-on-11 football, making it a safer option for middle school-aged players who may not yet have fully developed bodies.

4) Increased teamwork: Requires players to work together as a unit to move the ball down the field, which helps kids learn the importance of teamwork and communication.

5) Competition:  Offer players and coaches the chance to compete against other talented individuals and teams, providing valuable experience and exposure to different playing styles and techniques.

6) Off-Season Training: For players, 7-on-7 can serve as a way to stay in shape and continue their training during the off-season.

7) Chemistry: Build team  continuity and chemistry. Players will get an early introduction to coach's schematic, lingo, and philosophy approach.

8) Video Analyzation: Since all games will be filmed, coaches will have the ability to review player performances and teach their players digitally.

9) Fun and challenging: Can be fun and challenging, allowing kids to learn the sport while enjoying the game and practicing their skills in a competitive setting.



Threadin' Needle can be a great way for middle school kids to get involved in football and develop their skills in a fun, safe, and competitive environment.

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