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For players in grades 6 through 8, THREADIN' NEEDLE 7-on-7 Football powered by Vidxvis is a brand-new 7-on-7 middle school football experience. To create a more robust middle school sports program for boys and girls, THREADIN' NEEDLE Football integrates growth, competition, video analysis, scheme evolution, and skills training. Sign up as Team or register as an individual, we have Coaches ready to help you excel!

  7-on-7 That Gives You More  

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Boys and Girls Divisions


Team Webpage


All Games Filmed


Customized Uniforms


OFF and DEF Stats Recorded


Free Video Analysis Account


Minimum 12 regular season games

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"More teams, more competition, more fun: Bringing the game to everyone"


7-on-7 Football is most commonly played in the off-season by college and high school teams as a way to improve passing skills, chemistry, and conditioning. It is also a popular format for passing leagues and tournaments. 7-on-7 football can be beneficial for middle school kids for several reasons.

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